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I'm interested in becoming a Feedr vendor, what do I do?
I'm interested in becoming a Feedr vendor, what do I do?
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Great! We are always looking for new great vendors. We select our vendors based on 4 main categories: 

Ethos: We work with innovative and forward-thinking vendors, championing the best of the food scene.

Sourcing & sustainability: Our vendors use high-quality, fresh, seasonal ingredients, source their produce sustainably and demonstrate environmental sustainability through packaging and on-site waste management. 

Format & menu: We look for menus that reflect seasonality, cater to all our customers needs including dietary and allergen requirements and are fairly priced.

Delicious & nutritious food:  Our vendors create delicious, well-balanced meals, made fresh every morning and without the use of preservatives or unnecessary additives.

If you think this sounds like you, please get in touch at [email protected] and one of our vendor team will be in contact!  

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