What is Feedr?
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Feedr is the food delivery platform where feeding the office isn’t a side order but a speciality. We’ve got taste-tested menus of fresh, ready-to-eat food, flexibility baked into our tech and fuss-free ordering, tailored to you.

Take your pick from more than 200 vendors that share our commitment to food made and delivered with joy. Think global menus, sourced locally, tasted and tested so they meet every dietary need. And we always look for vendors championing low impact on the planet and high flavour. No sad salads here: this is mood-flipping good food that leaves you energised, uplifted and full of beans.

Cloud Canteen:

The ‘what does everyone want for lunch?’ takes a lot of time. Cloud Canteen gives it back – and doesn’t miss an order either. You choose menus and dish out credits in the portal. Employees log onto the app, order and crack on until the doorbell rings. Magic.

Group Catering

Feed 15 with a picnic buffet or feast on finger food with a guest list of 500. More if the plus ones turn up. Serving healthy sharing platters, individual packed meals and black-tie-worthy canapes, our group catering delivers on every occasion.

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