We ask our vendors to notify us at least 24h before any changes occur so we can find a suitable alternative for you. However, on rare occasions, our vendors are unable to fulfil part or all of the customer order at the last minute. Should this happen, we will cancel the order for you and notify you of the cancellation via email. Your personal credits will be refunded to your account and your company will not be charged for this order.

If this happens before your company’s cut-off time, you will be able to place a new order, using your company allowance. We are unable to place orders on your behalf. This is to ensure that your order meets your dietary and allergen requirements.

Should your order be cancelled after your company’s cut-off time, you will receive goodwill credits to your account for the value of your cancelled order. These credits do not expire so you can use them for your next order with us.

Is your whole team affected? Get in touch with us through our live chat as soon as possible so we can look into it.

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