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An Overview to Feedr's menu manager.

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Our menu manager can be accessed via your vendor portal. All vendors are solely responsible for the management of their online store front and should maintain their menus at all times this means making sure all ingredient and allergen information is accurate, menus are up to date and ultimately menus are enticing for Feedr's customers.

Creating a new menu item

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Just started with Feedr or doing a menu rehaul check out the video which talks you through creating menu items for both Cloud Canteen and Group Meals. Any questions don't hesitate to reach out. We like to make sure you are a confident Feedr achieving menu perfection.

Creating modifiers, options & add ons

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Create upsell opportunities, Build Your Own items, the option to remove ingredients and much more. Our menu manager gives you complete flexibility to keep your offering the same as in store. Get in touch with any questions.

Category management

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Categories dictates the order your items display in and is core to the look and feel of your Group Meals page. Check out current vendors to get a feel for this

Editing my current menu

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Menu updates, small changes and everything in between. We love changes to your menus, it keeps our customers interested. Don't forget to leave time for us to approve, we ask for 2 weeks notice on big menu changes so's not to impact customers who have already placed orders.

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