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Menu Management: Who to contact & When
Menu Management: Who to contact & When
Written by Alex Cornelius
Updated over a week ago

Please note you are responsible for making any edits to items including changes to items (ingredients, pricing, allergens), delisting or deactivating items. The Feedr team will only manage approving your changes and will never change item properties. If changes are made to items past the point of purchase we expect you to honour pricing at the time of purchase, if there are changes to dishes e.g allergens it is your responsibility to let us know so we can contact customers directly .



Required Notice / Time to be actioned

Who to contact

New Menu

A new menu or update of more than 70% of your items

2 weeks notice

(please note, our menus are scheduled a week in advance

Ad Hoc Approvals

Small changes to the menu

Expect approvals to be made within 36 hours

Unforeseeable urgent changes

Required immediate action that may impact live orders

E.g Out of stock & deactivated / delisted approvals, changes in item allergens due to changes in ingredients or stock etc.

We will endevour to complete changes within a shorter lead time subject to team availability.

[email protected] AND Intercom

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