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Account Setting & Changes: Who to Contact & When
Account Setting & Changes: Who to Contact & When
Written by Alex Cornelius
Updated over a week ago

Please note Cloud Canteen orders are scheduled a week in advance. Unless notified otherwise we expect all vendors who are live on Cloud Canteen are able to accept orders for the upcoming week. Changes following the schedule email can leave customers feeling disappointed and leads to added work for the Feedr team.



Required Notice / Time to be actioned

Who to contact

Availability for orders - planned temporary closures, holidays or permanent closures

Closing a location permanently or closing for Kitchen Works, Staff training etc.

2 weeks notice

(please note, our menus are scheduled a week in advance so this can avoid customer disappointment

If closures are needed due to unforeseen circumstances the team will endeavour to action this at their earliest convenience to minimise the impact to the customer

[email protected] however, If its impacting a live order please contact [email protected] AND Intercom / Feedr Live chat

Opening times & Service Times

Permanent changes in opening times and service times

Ahead of Tuesday 1 week in advance

New Locations

We always welcome additional locations where relevant to our customers. If you wish to add a new location we will talk you through the required information on enquiry

We require 2 weeks notice to set up a new location

[email protected] AND your Account Manager

Changes in Vendor Contacts

Leaving staff or new joiners who need access to the Vendor Portal and Schedule/ Order / Finance emails.

To be actioned by the Feedr 36 hours

[email protected] AND your Account Manager

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