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Dymo Printer Installation Instructions
Dymo Printer Installation Instructions
Written by Alex Cornelius
Updated over a week ago

Below are the instructions to install the Dymo printer, install one by yourself, or have to set-it up again or for another of your locations.

Feedr Dymo Label Printer Installation Instructions

1. Download driver here:

Please select set up for the 450 label writer

2. Install the driver - click continue / agree throughout the installation.

a. For Mac: If you get “System security error”, open security & privacy preferences, and where it says ‘system software for legacy developer’, click ‘allow’ b. Complete installation c. For PC / Windows: Once you have plugged in your dymo, to set up to your first

print, you will need to open the Dymo label software program (this only needs to be done the first time). Run ‘first run wizard’.

i. Make sure to select “United Kingdom” as location. ii. You do not need to register or install dashboard widget unless you want

to 3. Open up the dymo and plug it in. There are two cords: 1 for the wall, and a usb for the

device. Plug both in.

a. Put the largest size of labels in to the dymo printer, the standard label size name

is Dymo Label Size: 54mm x 101m. b. Label roll installs so that it comes out of the printer label side down. Match the guides c. Feed it through (can press the feeder button on front to help feed labels through) 4. To print labels:

a. Download “Singular Labels - Dymo'' labels from Feedr order email. b. Click print from either web browser or pdf reader (each label is formatted as it’s

own ‘page’ in this doc)

i. Important: if you are having problems with finding the right label size, download the labels to your computer and open with Adobe pdf reader rather than opening within a web browser. (common problem on windows laptops with google chrome) ce. If you have a zoom option - start with fit to page. If this does not work, adjust (start with 100% zoom and adjust if needed).

Please ensure to choose these size settings:

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