Feedr Charges & Rewards Manual
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In order to maintain our standards of excellent service, we have outlined a set of charges that we believe will allow us to fairly compensate customers for errors that affect their experience as well as encourage vendors to treat Feedr orders with the same priority as other partners.

Please note, charges will be applied monthly to your vendor statements. For high value charges the team will notify you via email on the day. We are always happy to provide a detailed summary of charges on request and work hard to ensure all charges are fair to all parties.



Delayed by 16 - 30 mins

Delayed by 31 - 45 mins

Delayed by 46 - 60 mins

Delayed by >60min

● 10% of the order value*

40% of the order value

50% of the order value

100% of the order value

*Charges are deducted from total order value incl. VAT if relevant. Commission is deductible.


If orders are unable to be made in their entirety after being confirmed by the vendor (including confirming a Cloud Canteen schedule), we require 6 business hours (9am to 5pm on weekdays) notice informing us that the order cannot be fulfilled.

*This does not include if you are unable to make a single item and are able to find a replacement.

50% charge of the order value or £50 (whichever is greater)

● £25 administration fee, if we are provided with 6 hours notice.

*Compensation to the client will depend on communication ahead of time and impact on the customer. This is negotiable based on circumstances outside vendor control - e.g., kitchen malfunction.


Incorrect Item/wrong item sent in

orders/Missing items.

If the customer does request a replacement:

● £25 charge for replacement delivery cost

● Vendor pays for replacement item (the original

Confidential to Feedr vendors. Not to be shared.

*Includes ignoring special customer instructions without informing Feedr/customer ahead of time.

item is charged to the customer)

If the customer does not request a replacement: ● Vendor pays for item cost (item not charged to the customer) plus 10% surcharge for affected items

* If allergen requests or errors are continuously not honoured or communicated about, Feedr will consider removing the vendor from the platform.

Incorrect cutlery fulfillment

*Includes either including cutlery when the customer has requested otherwise and not including cutlery when the customer has requested otherwise

£2 per order

*Vendors will receive one warning and will be charged the above fee thereafter



The value of the compromised items plus 10% surcharge of the affected items

It is the vendors’ responsibility to ensure food is packed and fit for travel. All spillages will be reviewed to determine whether or not it’s vendor responsibility or courier responsibility

Labeling issues: nonexistent or incorrect labeling

The value of the compromised items plus 10% surcharge of the affected items

E.g. if something is not GF and not labelled as such and these customers don’t eat because they do not know this, then compensation for that food.

Feedr provide customer specific packing requirements i

Incorrect packaging, including the use of a competitor/ misrepreseting Feedr brand

10% of order value


Order placed against unavailable menu item(s).

* Feedr requires menu updates one week in advance to reduce the number of future orders placed with old menus.

The value of the compromised items plus 10% surcharge of the affected items

*There is no charge for stock-outs on the day of the order, unless this is a frequent issue in which case we will discuss

Confidential to Feedr vendors. Not to be shared.


All vendors must have at least 5 orders/month to qualify for rewards, except for referral, which is available to all.


Our rewards scheme is optional and can be opted into by contacting your account manager.

N.B In order to engage in social / marketing pushes they may be asked to contribute content.

A vendor is said “safe” when executing perfectly the following points:

All orders on time.

No missing or incorrect items.

No missed labeling.

No missed special instructions.

● 100% perfect execution

After 3 month: First in line for social media marketing push.

● > 95% perfect execution

Inclusion in Feedr’s ‘safe launch week’. This means priority inclusion in menus for new customers & existing customers.

This is ongoing in any month this is achieved.


Consistently good customer feedback on food quality. This is based on ratings received by customers through a rating system and directly to Feedr team.

● Average rating 3.7 or above

After 2 months: First in line for social media marketing push.

After 3 months: Marked as ‘top rated vendor’ on Feedr site & pushed to new & existing customer in cloud canteen planning


If a vendor refers to another vendor who onboard with Feedr.

Reduction in commission rate by 5% for 1 month following the launch of any referred vendor for the following month.

Confidential to Feedr vendors. Not to be shared.

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